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The Wagers Of Love And Their Songs From The Witching Hour
by Slow Dancing Society

by Arc Lab

by Memorybell

Delicate Power (In The Hands Of Others)
by Antonymes

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Joe Sampson and Nathaniel Rateliff Perform ‘Songbird’ (Video)

It’s a little less than three weeks until Joe Sampson‘s beautiful new EP drops and we’ve shared the first single, ‘My Love‘,  from Songs of Delay and now it’s time to share some more! This time it’s an extra special treat as...

Memorybell’s “Obsolete” Live Album Launch

Memorybell‘s stunning Obsolete will be officially launched next week (1st September) at Syntax Physic Opera, Denver, Colorado. Anyone in or near Denver must get down to this. Head to the event’s Facebook page for more detail. Here’s the official word...

New Slow Dancing Society Album Out Now!

Hidden Shoal is excited to announce the official release of The Wagers Of Love And Their Songs From The Witching Hour, the stunning new album from American atmospherist Slow Dancing Society. On his seventh full-length release as Slow Dancing Society, Drew Sullivan’s...

Antonymes Wins Award For “Breathless” Soundtrack

The utterly beautiful short film Breathless, featuring the music of our very own Antonymes, recently won the award for Best Background Music at the Kolkata Shorts International Film Festival! Breathless also took out the award for Best Cinematography at the festival...

Antonymes Featured on New Le café abstrait Compilation

The gorgeous Antonyme‘s track ‘La fin de tout’ has been featured on the new Le café abstrait, curated by Raphaël Marionneau. Volume 11 in the Le café abstrait series is available digitally via iTunes and in digital and CD formats via Amazon....

Kramies Covers Jane’s Addiction on New French Comp

The ever wonderful Kramies has contributed a fantastic, haunting cover version of Jane’s Addiction’s ‘Summertime Rolls’ to the latest volume of French webzine À Découvrir Absolument’s series of compilations. The original, from 1988’s Nothing Shocking, was already a...

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Joe Sampson ‘My Love’ Reviewed at The Trusted Ear

“Joe Sampson is a Denver treasure. You know that thing they say about DJ Z-Trip being your favorite DJ’s favorite DJ? Same with Sampson, only swap “DJ” for “songwriter” and add “Denver” as a modifier. Joe Sampson with...

Glanko + Daniel Bailey “Isometrik” Reviewed at So What

[Translated via Google. Read the original here.] “A nocturnal wanderings warm mellow shades, a trip to a gradual and inexorable numbness of the senses. Sounds are voluptuous and enthralling those combined by sound artist Giuseppe Fallacara aka Glanko and...

Joe Sampson ‘My Love’ Reviewed at Euphoria Magazine

“American Singer-songwriter Joe Sampson is proud to announce the release of his new EP, Songs of Delay, via Hidden Shoal Records on September 12th and featuring latest single “My Love.”  This tune combines minimal musicality with maximum emotional resonance. ...

Antonymes “(For Now We See) Through A Glass Dimly” Reviewed at PopNews

Sometimes in the album, there are songs like quiet islands awaiting to be discovered. This is true of “Elegy (I)” which grabs you and does not let go. It’s like the meeting between Arve Henriksen and singer Patrick Cassidy as the folklore of a forgotten world. If you can remember or do not feel a shiver through you, I can only advise you to consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Arc Lab ‘Through The Burning Glass’ Reviewed at The Sunday Experience

i’m picking up Boards of Canada in a love in with Plaid happenings here and I’m cranking up the head phones and falling deep into wave forming wooziness, frankly it’s all too irresistible. This sound heads, is a teaser taste from a forthcoming Hidden Shoal lovely by Arc Lab entitled ‘through the burning glass’ – a single in fact culled from a planned ‘Anthem’ full length due sometime July end. To the emergence of oncoming pulsing shimmer tones, a stately alignment is forged whereby celestial fanfares tap out their love noted siren calls across the galactic voids much like a heavenly cavalry heading over the cosmic hills led from the fore by a bliss bathed Battles festooned in kosmiche kisses fired upon the hypnotic purr of motorik murmurs.

Antonymes “(For Now We See) Through a Glass Dimly” Reviewed at SoWhat

The sense of melancholy desolation, which is always present in the musical and photographic production of Hazeldine, continues to be the pivot around which the story develops, featuring the usual piano plots here are completed through the use of new elements. Among the airy symphonic openings of “The lure of the land” and chamber music textures of “Towards tragedy and dissolution” enhanced by an emphasis of the sound of the strings, are declined voice grafts space according to the ethereal singing of “Elegy II” ol ‘emphatic starred in “Sixteen zero six fifteen” and “Little Emblems of Eternity”, but also the use of additional instruments such as the trumpet, which is combined with the elegance of the piano melodies in “Fatal ambition”.

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