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Les Limbes by Les Limbes

Axis Swim Scar by The October Solution

To Set The River on Fire

by Chloë March vs. Markus Mehr

Enchanting Gaze
by Elisa Luu

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Kramies Live at the Père Lachaise Cemetery

Check out this wonderful feature in the French zine PopNews and see Kramies give us a gorgeous live rendition of ‘The Wooden Heart’ at the same French cemetery that Jim Morrison and so many dead poets and musicians now call home! Related Items:Glowing...

“The Sparkling Ground” MixTape by Chloe March

We have another delicious artist curated mixtape to quench your thirsty ears. The Sparkling Ground comes to us courtesy of the supremely talented UK songstress Chloe March as she takes us from the Cocteau Twins to Flying Lotus to Grasscut to Kate Bush and beyond....

Hypnotic New Single and Forthcoming Album from Todd Tobias

We’re excited to announce the forthcoming release of Tristes Tropiques, the new album by prolific multi-instrumentalist and producer Todd Tobias (Circus Devils, Ricked Wicky, Robert Pollard). Hypnotic and melancholy-soaked, Tristes Tropiques draws comparisons to the...

Hidden Shoal Artists Featured at Textura This Month

It’s a Hidden Shoal bonanza at Textura at the moment! Tracks from The October Solution​, Kramies​ and Les Limbes​ are all featured along with the new video for Markus Mehr​’s ‘Only For A While’. Check it all out here.     Related...

Featured Track – Todd Tobias ‘Night of the Clubfoot’

Choosing a single track from any of Todd Tobias‘s shadowy instrumental albums offers a tantalising glimpse into his intoxicating universe of sound. In the case of ‘Night of the Clubfoot’, the opening track of Medicine Show, a distorted electric...

New Single from The Star Department Out Now!

After premiering on the Crackling Vinyl blog, we’re excited to be able to announce the official availability of The Star Department’s new single.  ‘This Ship Won’t Sail’ is a stunning introduction to the duo’s inventive take on expansive down-tempo indie pop and...

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REW – ‘The Lights In the Sands of Katumpkale’

The first taste of the new album by REW, ‘The Lights in the Sands of Katumpkale’ is an evocative instrumental miniature – a window into Ryan E. Webber’s kaleidoscopic musical universe. Insistently plucked and bowed strings weave and coalesce around Weber’s effected vocals, creating a kind of surreal neo-classical pop. The accompanying music video, shot on Super 8 and transferred to VHS tape, deepens the song’s mystifying and avant-garde allure as the camera cuts between the body parts of an eerie, white-faced figure moving in black space.

Latest Reviews

Les Limbes Reviewed at 4ZZZ

All the arty guff on this EP, the soft heart of prog is melted down and reforged into a lead ball which gets fired at your chest. It’s the kind of attack that makes you stronger, revives a lagging passion for types of music that have been worn down by workmanlike treatment. Quite the opposite of their name, which means, simply, Limbo, Les Limbes are thrilling.

Les Limbes Self-Titled EP Reviewed at Tomatrax

Les Limbes have charged out with this their debut EP. Consisting of four instrumental tracks the Bordeaux 5 piece have infused heavy rock and shoegazer sounds achieving massive energy and a deep atmosphere.

Hypersonic is a curious mix of Tool and Radiohead with heavy rock vibes charging along like a bullet train backed with a layered depth of shoegazer and psychedelic experimentation.The result is a track that sounds like what a roller coaster ride on the moon!

Chloe March ‘Orpheus Head’ Reviewed at Crackling Vinyl

‘Orpheus Head’ is the second single to be lifted from Chloe March’s third full length record Nights Bright Days.

Based in the South East of England, March’s dream pop like approach to her craft, which also dips into the world’s of ambient electronica and folk, is clearly evident during this near five minute etheral experience.

March’s soft vocal delivery floats rather effortlessly over the song’s multiple instrumental textures, as well as its driving – yet at times still tender – tempo. There is more than a hint of the Cocteau Twins on this track, which in itself is another reason to check it out!

There is a rather dark tone that also seems quite prevalent in ‘Orpheus Head’, as March’s lyrics include such haunting lines as: “My body’s drawn to follow you/My heart begins to slow” and “I know where you’re leading me/You’re leading me deep below”.

Nights Bright Days was originally self-released in 2013, but the rather excellent Western Australian based label Hidden Shoal re-released it at the tail end of last year, along with its first single ‘Winter Deep’.

Les Limbes ‘Hypersonic’ Featured at Magnet Magazine

French outfit Les Limbes will drop their debut self-titled EP on April 17 and now offer powerful new single “Hypersonic” for free download. Les Limbes mix atmosphere with energy to create an exciting new sound. “Hypersonic” moves at a fast pace with a thick, muddy bass droning underneath the fast melodies and skilfull drums.

The Star Department Reviewed at Road Records

A superb blend of noisy indie rock and euphoric wall of sound shoegazing sounds, jangly guitars meets big explosive guitar freakouts, like a mixture of Ride and Mogwai.