Kramies ‘I Wished I Missed You’ Featured at Atwood Magazine

It rolls of the tongue in subtle waves of emotion. I wish I missed you… again and again, Kramies sings his refrain, a dark, bitter taste eschewing from his mouth. It hurts to close a door, but that pain manifests itself in a litany of ways. Kramies’ “I Wish I Missed You” is the heartbreakingly bittersweet closure on a love that’s run its course, exhausted its magic, and withered away.

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “I Wish I Missed You,” the breathtaking new single from Dutch-American singer/songwriter Kramies (out 10/27 via Hidden Shoal Recordings). Filmed and recorded during a trip to Ireland where he resided in an old castle, the beautiful ballad is a testament to the power of love: Even when we don’t feel it, we still know value and cherish it.

Such is the case with “I Wish I Missed You,” a poignant ballad that finds the artist lamenting an end – not because he’s sad it’s over, but rather because it’s an end, and that in itself is worth honoring. Chillingly warm and utterly haunting, Kramies paints a solemn portrait that the ears and eyes (courtesy of director Cam Merton) can dwell within.

“While staying at Shankill Castle in Ireland, I set out to write and finish a handful of songs,” reflects Kramies. “Some songs were for a new EP and the rest were meant as B-sides that I wanted to come out naturally from sitting still in the old landscapes. “I Wish I Missed You” was the last of these B-side songs that came. It wasn’t very clear where it really fit in and I wasn’t even sure if I would use it, but in the end it started to really take on the shape of the nostalgic history and old haunting feeling of the lands surrounding the castle. There’s a dark lushness with a calm, welcoming feel there that stayed with me for a very long time. It was my hope that the song fit into the autumn season and would helped paint a picture of the nostalgia from time spent writing at the castle.”

Visually, “I Wish I Missed You” takes on the feel of a distant memory, those captivating hues of black and green casting a dark glow for our eyes to feast upon. There’s something mystical to the whole scene; to the simplicity of it all; it’s not trying to be anything more than a testament to one time and place, yet somehow it feels like so much more.

What poetry; what sheer finesse and beauty. Submit yourself to Kramies’ “I Wish I Missed You,” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!”

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